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She made broken look beautiful..

I hit a nerve with a post last week. These words resonated with more people than anything else I have ever posted..it reached almost 4000 people with 59 shares. How come? What was it about this quote that touched people? It all boils down to perception: how others perceive us and how we, as women, want to be perceived. We put on the brave face, that … [Read More...]



There are days that I just need some silence..to disconnect from the world and reconnect with me. Life is gearing up for a big shift and I have been cocooning the last few days getting ready. I can feel the buzz around my baklava business and the … [Read More...]

Still Beautiful

Still Beautiful

As I get older, I have noticed that I need to be more kind and gentle to myself, especially toward my body. I may be small and petite, but I am not as comfortable in my skin as I used to be. Yes, I am a mom and weight shifts as we get older, but when did my … [Read More...]

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Reveal Yourself

Reveal Yourself

What are you afraid to show the world? As we begin the New Year, how can you: Feel More Authentic. Release the need for other’s approval. Embrace your inner succulence. Let go of Limiting … [Read More...]

Invisible Vampires

Invisible Vampires

Invisible vampires walk among us, undetected to the naked eye,  yet they create chaos in our lives to get their own way. I know you have one or two in your life: they are the people who make you feel … [Read More...]


Just 5 minutes..

I don't know about you, but I have the tendency to GO-GO-GO...Crash!! in how I handle my time and projects. Then, I need to reignite motivation in order to do the simplest things. Sound familiar? I … [Read More...]