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Tumbled Polished Beauty

I spent some time walking along the waters edge today, feeling the sand squish between my toes and pull away with the tide. Connecting with the ocean, however brief it may be, always has me curling up inside like a snail in her shell, wanting to be alone and quiet. I am always scanning the beach for treasures as I walk..broken bits of shells roll over my … [Read More...]

carry the load

It’s not your job…

Two weeks ago, my friend sat me down, looked me in the eyes, and told me: The pain of a thousand lifetimes is not yours to carry. It’s not your job and you need to let go. It’s not your job to be responsible for other people’s happiness. It is … [Read More...]


She made broken look beautiful..

I hit a nerve with a post last week. These words resonated with more people than anything else I have ever posted..it reached almost 4000 people with 59 shares. How come? What was it about this quote that touched people? It all boils down to perception: … [Read More...]

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There are days that I just need some silence..to disconnect from the world and reconnect with me. Life is gearing up for a big shift and I have been cocooning the last few days getting ready. I can … [Read More...]

Still Beautiful

Still Beautiful

As I get older, I have noticed that I need to be more kind and gentle to myself, especially toward my body. I may be small and petite, but I am not as comfortable in my skin as I used to be. Yes, I am … [Read More...]

Reveal Yourself

Reveal Yourself

What are you afraid to show the world? As we begin the New Year, how can you: Feel More Authentic. Release the need for other’s approval. Embrace your inner succulence. Let go of Limiting … [Read More...]