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strong enough

Strong Enough?

  Yes, I know the common quote: You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it. However, my shoulders are only about 14 inches wide and they feel heavy from the weight. How much of this is me positioning myself to take on more than necessary? How much of this is […]


thank you

Thank You

I have always been a grateful girl, but I have made a conscious effort to … [Read More...]

love 3D copy

The Multi-Dimensional Heart

I know, I may come as a big surprise for many of you, but I have … [Read More...]

Love for Baba


[Read More...]

photo 1 (8)


The reality about divorce is that family begins to have a whole new … [Read More...]

Wee Wisdom

Wisdom from the Wee one.

"As a child, one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of … [Read More...]

Simple Living

unmade bed

Finding Comfort in an Unmade Bed

It's official..I hit the wall of exhaustion from all the hustle and the … [Read More...]

makeshift meditation

Make-Shift Meditation

Make*shift: sufficient for the time being. When we become parents, we … [Read More...]


Stuck in a groove

Lately, Mina has been listening to music in her room and it reminded me of … [Read More...]

Divorce Coach

Saying No to others and Yes to yourself

I once was a  "Yes-girl". You ask me to do something for you and I … [Read More...]

i can't

I Can’t…& it’s ok

I have a lot of pride sometimes and that can make me very stubborn. You … [Read More...]

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