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Monsters don’t like pink

Monsters Don't Like Pink

Mina called from her dad’s today to talk about monsters. It seems that after 2 years, they have decided to come in and take up residence by her bedroom door at night. Her father is back from Turkey for a short time, so she has been spending an extended period of time there this week.  Apparently, the monsters decided to make appearances as well and she has not slept more than a few hours each night.

When she called this morning, we had a long talk about how she could take back control over her dream-time and vanquish the monsters in the corners. First, we established the fact the dream catchers DO NOT protect against monsters, just bad dreams. Ok…moving on to suggestion #2:  Flip the scary into funny by turning the Monsters into Clowns.

This took us on a magical trip and she just kept thinking of more and more things she could do to make herself feel safe. Her biggest A-Ha! moment came when she realized that Monsters don’t like pink! Her room was pink, there were lots of pink things in her room, and all she had to do was to magically make the pink brighter to blind the monsters!

By the end of the call, she had her agenda for the day all set out:

  1. Make colorful confetti, put it in a jar, infuse with magic and sprinkle on any monsters to turn them into clowns…Sleep with jar.
  2. Cut hearts out of paper and string them all around her bed as love protection.
  3. Imagine herself in a colorful magical bubble so the Monsters can’t get her (apparently a clear invisible bubble didn’t work last night!)
  4. Sleep with Unicorn nightlight because their horns contain magic.
  5. Wear her crystal necklace that has all her projection magic in it.
  6. Write an intention on peaceful sleep, light a candle and let it burn. Blow out the candle before bed and let the intention float up, protecting her from above.

What a change in her energy after she created her magical To-Do list!! She went from insecure to POWERFUL in a matter of 30 minutes! She was still thinking of more things she could do and needed to hang up so she could begin working on her list. Fingers crossed she sleeps tonight! If anything, she gained a sense of empowerment and control over a situation that was scary! Not too shabby a lesson for an 8 year old!

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