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Fierce Trust

There comes a point in time in which those who believed in you and your dreams start to doubt what you are capable of. Ironically, that’s the time you need the support the most to be able to keep going. How do you stay strong in what your believe is possible when those you love can’t watch you “fail” again?

What is failure anyway? Is it that what you are working towards didn’t work in the time frame you had hoped or is it a shifting point to move in a different direction?

I have never been one to be afraid of failing and that is scary for many people because it is an uncomfortable place for loved ones to be. I am more afraid of not trying because of uncertainty that things not working out.

Over the years, as I have become more clear in direction and purpose, I am more confident to run on instinct. What may work for me, may not work for someone else and I am ok with that. So often, as we get clear, we don’t need to see the full plan-just the next few steps ahead because we understand that life can shift in an instant or inspiration can set you on a completely new trajectory. That comfort with unknown sits comfortably in my gut because I know that I am following what feels right. The more I get in tune with me, the faster I can shift toward what supports that.

This intangibility of your actions may seem cuckoo to others. They may want to sit you down and implore the urgency of having a plan or structure. As much as there is a need to create a foundation to work from, structuring it can be a fluid process. Other’s insecure questioning of your inherent knowing will peck away at your strength, infecting it with doubt. Do not doubt what you know, in your heart, to be true to you! Your foundation will flounder and fall because you are trying to contort yourself to fit into someone else’s expections and ideals of what will or will not work.

You left a marriage because you knew you deserved better. There was no tangible card that you got in the mail telling you that you made the correct choice. You made a choice to step from dysfunction and claim your dynamice power because you just knew it what the right thing for you to do. 

Stepping out on your own is hard. You question your decisions on a daily, maybe hourly basis, because you know have to own your self. We are now accountable for our own happiness. No longer does the blame game work. The same goes for business or big life decisions. Close your eyes, breathe, and center. Bring up the fears others have about your choices. If they do not resonate with who you are or what you know to be true: LET THOSE FEARS GO! They are not your fears. Do not own them. The more you connect with you, the faster you will create the life you want. I believe in you.

Can you relate? Tell me how!