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You are Extraordinary. Embrace your Magic.

Step up people! Here’s the dealio:

You married, got divorce, and now are drowning in a puddle of water, not knowing which way is up. I get it, I do. It’s hard to know what to do when life gets mucky!

Stand up, shake that sh*t off and let’s get moving. You are potential encapsulated! It’s time to own it and do things that scare you, like imagining a happy new you!

My gift is to help you learn to laugh again. I am quite mischievous in my wily ways as I help you step out of the box and into your own strength. By definition, mischievous means playful trouble.Relearning how to play and have fun with the new life before you may mean trouble for others because:

  1. Now, you will be authentic with your needs and not engage with what doesn’t feed your purpose.
  2. You will attract people who support your growth and release those who cannot handle your new found strength.
  3. By knowing who you are again, you don’t need others permission or approval to go with your gut and trust your instincts.
  4. Embracing your potential makes you a firecracker and will ignite your life beyond what you thought possible.

The dynamic of divorce is changing. No longer are we playing victims, but standing up and healing our whole life: Mind, Body & Spirit. You got divorced. It was hell, but it is just a pivot point to where you need to go. Learn your lesson, integrate, and move on.

I have various faciliators at my fingertips to help you in all aspects of your life. My new concept cafe, Divorcée Cafe, is changing the dynamic of how people get divorced. Did you know that the word “dynamic” stems from the Greek word dunamis or power? You have that power, now claim it. Divorce does not need to be dysfunctional. With the right tools and people to support you, you can move through this difficult time supported, not struggling.

Using Ideal Life Vision, I will help you create a powerful new life, brimming with possibilities.  Creating the life you want is about setting an intention, creating a concrete vision, and being consistent. In 6 weeks, you will have a tangible blueprint for your new life.

Let’s create some mischief together and get you laughing again!!

I am a regular writer for Family Guiding, Divorced Moms, Our Parenting Spot, Your24hcoach and MidDay Singles!

For more information, call or text me @ 801-674-7047.

I will put a pot of tea on and we’ll chat!

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