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When I was young, I was filled with such fire and energy for life! I danced, I laughed, I played all day, every day! That fire in my belly would rise sometimes while I was married with various creative endeavors. Little by little, small comments here and there began to try to extinguish that flame…I needed to be “Normal.” I needed to be serious and let go of my need to live loudly.

It’s been four years now that I have been divorced. 

I realize now what I am here to do.  Too often, our inner spirit is squelched because it is so strong. We, as women, believe we are not strong enough to move forward on our own, raise our Littles, and create our own life. It’s not that we aren’t strong enough, it’s that we are so much stronger than we can even imagine.

It’s time for you to reconnect with what fuels your spirit and what makes you laugh out loud!

Using Ideal Life Vision, I will help you learn to love your life again. Creating the life you want is about setting an intention, creating a concrete vision, and being consistent. In 6 weeks, you will have a tangible blueprint for your new life.

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