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The reality about divorce is that family begins to have a whole new meaning. This is our reality. Our reality is that our family structure shifted, healed, and expanded. It has take three years to get here, but perseverance, a good dash of hope and a lot of love for all the girls brought us…

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“You’re Family”

It has been an interesting roller coaster ride to see how the word Family and its meaning has shifted over the past year. Clear demarcation lines have been blurred or completely eliminated. There is an openness and a willingness to embrace each other into this new concept of  Family. fam·i·lyˈ noun 1. a group consisting of…

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Family Traditions

Carrying on a Canadian family tradition this year, not only did we make an ice rink in our back yard, we made memories. It all began last year. Alex told me stories about how his father would make an ice rink on the lake behind his house every year. It was common for Canadians to…

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