Jodie Turner

Elif is awe inspiring and awesome! March 27, 2017

Julie Gerbitz Aubrey
Elif has a heart of gold! What she is doing for the community is exceptional. Going thru a divorce is very difficult. With her support and those helping her they are making things better for those in transition. March 27, 2017

Steph Whatcott
I just met Elif today! I love her passion to help others with her divorce cafe! You are an amazing addition to this community Elif. I love how you turned your trials into helping others! March 27, 2017

Sinead Urwin You’re awesome Elif. Huge heart and huge drive to make what you believe in a success. Kudos to you:) March 1, 2017

Karen O’Neil
I would like to give a huge shout out to Elif Ekin. What a warm, smart, strong & lovely person! I thoroughly enjoyed sharing tea and conversation yesterday with her at her awesome Seventh & Seventh Studio, and I look forward to contributing to her Divorcee Cafe on the first Wednesday of each month and providing my best counsel to people going through such a heartwrenching experience. No divorce is easy (and I speak from my own experience), but I LOVE the fact that Elif has organized a tribe of people whose purpose is to help ease that pain as best as we can. Bravo, lady!! November 22, 2016

Atim Effiong
Last week I had the honor of meeting Elif Ekin again and having a great conversation. Her Divorcee Cafe is brilliant, and I hear her baklava is on point! July 14, 2016

Amora Freeman-Floyd
Serenity, Tranquility, and Calculated Sass are the words that come to mind when I think of Elif Ekin ♡

This woman knows who she is, where she’s been, and where she’s going! There is an energy of pure peace that surrounds her. I spent hours…literally hours…sitting on the floor, eating Turkish Baklava, sipping tea, and drinking in her spirit. She has a way of making the world slow down, time stand still, and conversation hang in the air.

Elif is many things, as all truly free spirits are. She’s an insightful and well published Author. She’s a consciously creative mother. She is a coach that helps divorced women get their groove back. She is a culinary artist, creating mouthwatering, punk’d out baklava. And most of all she is a dearly treasured friend to all who know her!

If you don’t know Elif, may I suggest you take the time to share a cup of tea and conversation with this woman at the cottage….I promise it will have a profound impact on your life!

Love the light you bring to the world Elif ♡ August 17 2015

Jenn McMurdo
Elif is a joy and strength to work with. Her coaching style is one of ease and caring. I felt like I was talking to a friend and with that style I was able to get clear very quickly. She has great balance in her ability to build trust and challenge thought processes when needed. In just a few sessions, I had complete clarity and clear direction. October 11, 2014

Marcella Keck, Accord Mediation
Elif brings to each of her endeavors an abundance of creativity, energy, and authenticity.
In her book, “Mostly Happy: A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Journey through Divorce,” she chronicles her path through the divorce process from the decision to divorce, through the entry of the Decree of Divorce and the continuing evolution of her new life. Although her path may differ from that of many, she is able to convey a tenacity, optimism, and sense of self-discovery that everyone can benefit from, no matter what path they travel.

Elif practices what she preaches – continuing to pursue her own growth, while sharing with others her experience and insight through her writing and coaching
September 15, 2014

Annie O’Connor
Elif is a great resource for anyone going through the divorce process, or recovering from it. Her book, “Mostly Happy” describes in detail what one can expect and plan for. It is a must read for anyone considering or in the process of divorce. I recommend the story line as well as the details. A true lens into the inner workings of the emotional, financial and confusing journey divorce can be. A friend who understands you, can alleviate so much pain from the process of divorce and then through recovery.September 9, 2014

Eli Iacob
Elif has a thorough knowledge of mechanisms of pre- and post-divorce life management. I believe her training has provided her a foundation on which she has developed her own personal technique and that has been extremely helpful to her clients. I have benefited from our discussions in my personal life and would recommend her services to others for anyone who is making one of numerous life transitions.September 8, 2014

Lyn Christian, Master Certified Coach (ICF MCC), Executive Coach, Business and Life Coach, Speaker, Author and Owner of SoulSalt Inc.
Elif is one individual who when faced with divorce who kept her eyes and ears fully open and available to learn all she could. As a result her message and her support toward those facing divorce may be just the ticket for an extra boost of help. If you or someone you know is going through this harrowing life event, check out the resources Elif provides.September 4, 2014


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