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Love for BabaChildren are born with such a great capacity for love and acceptance. They are just pure little souls that feel what they feel and don’t over-think it. Inherently I knew this is true, but it was beautiful to witness it Saturday afternoon.

I had Mina and Zola with me while Alex took Allegra to a birthday party. We decided to decorate the driveway with pictures, filling the pavement with as much color as possible. Mina decided to draw a big heart for her dad, Baba, and asked me to send it to him in an email.

Zola had just finished drawing her flower garden in which she, Allegra and Mina were the dancing flowers under a love sun. She looked up at Mina’s heart, looked at me shyly, and asked: I love Baba too..Can I draw him a heart to tell him? Would you send it to him so he will know?

Mina tried to interject that Zola doesn’t see Baba that much, so how was that possible…Zola looked up and simply said, He is Baba. He is family and I can love him too!

I saw that love last night between Mina and Cynthia when we had our big family dinner. Mama Cynthia, will you come and be with me while we watch Scooby Doo?

It is working. We are becoming a family: a weird totally crazy mixed up loving family. I smiled to myself when I heard squeals of laughter from the living room as Cynthia played and tickled the girls while I finished up dessert. The girls are thriving in this environment and experiencing love in so many different ways. They are little love ambassadors that are demonstrating family diversity to their peers. Expressing themselves and our structure to their friends opens little minds to what can be possible. It helps other little kids going through divorce to see the other side of it and give them hope.

I met with a new friend on Saturday night who is at the beginning of her divorce and has 2 littles of her own. She looks at our new “Normal” for family and asked how did we do it.

Love the children by giving them the freedom to love who/how they want, feel loved and accepted for who they are, and secure within the total family dynamic.




Can you relate? Tell me how!