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Collect Moments, Not Things


Christmas is coming and the rush has begun to begin buying. More and more I want to buy less and less for the girls. Years from now will they really remember that doll or that game? What I want are memories. I want them to have a collection of memories and moments that will always be theirs no matter where they go. I want to give them experiences that they will hold dear and pass on to their children. I want to give them life in their days, filling each minute with laughter or quiet time. I want to give them my time.

Can you do that for your child? Give them the gift of your time this Christmas and not so many things?

I do not want my love for the girls to be synonymous with getting a “thing“. I don’t want them to equate more things = more love.  Love can not be boxed up and tied with a pretty ribbon. We are all so busy getting our lives together that it’s easier to give a new toy for a few more minutes to get just ..done! We love our children, but we are missing our time with them being busy. We will regret it later if we don’t make a conscious effort to change now.

Do you remember the song: Cat’s in the Cradle? Of course you do, it is probably starting to play in your head right now. Listen to the lyrics, now, as a parent and ask yourself one question: Do I want to be that parent?

This Christmas when the kids are on vacation for 2 weeks, gift them the gift of your time and begin collecting moments to cherish together.

Can you relate? Tell me how!