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Salt, Sage, & Simplicity

We are almost 3 months into the new year and at the beginning of each month, so far,  I keep getting this message to just!  It’s like a mania hits and I need to purge whatever has not or does not serve me anymore.

There is something very cathartic about about release be it emotional or physical. Holding on clogs us up and prevents any flow into our lives. To say it bluntly, I was feeling stuck. Frustrated with the lack of movement regardless of my efforts, I returned to what I knew worked before: cleaning and clearing.

It is amazing how light you feel after working a space and eliminating, well, junk. I have not been abducted by the “does it spark joy” movement, just the need to free my space.

This January, I jump in feet first and purged my whole main floor of my house, filling my car three times and making multiple trips to thrift store. Next came the deep physical cleaning before shifting to the energetic realms. Salt bowls in corners and multiple sagings later created a clean slate with which to start the new year. I felt like I could breathe again and my head felt clearer.

I didn’t realize how fast it would affect my life in an external way. Within days, life exploded in a good way with new opporunities and momentum. Huh, was it really that easy to create flow? I know I had always heard that you needed to clear your space to allow for abundance to come in, but I never really took it that seriously.

Ok, Universe, let’s try it again and see what happens. Again, I took time at the beginning of February to dig in and clear the gunk from my craft room that I had closed off for months because it was the most cluttered room in the house. It gave me heart palpitations to even think about going in there. Once again, within days of throwing stuff out, abundance flowed in.

Shift is in the air as I clean the sh$t from my life: physically, emotionally, and energetically. Feeling stuck? It’s simple: Dig in, dig out, and dance in your newly cleared space again! I promise, it’s magical!

2 thoughts on “Salt, Sage, & Simplicity

  1. I have recently removed a negative (emotionally unstable) man from my life. He painted my walls for me and I feel that energy here. I like the color…..just not the unsettled feelings. Also should I get rid of any gifts he gave me? Remove them from my home?

    1. Hi there! I would say, do whatever makes you feel most comfortable in your own space. If you feel you need to paint the walls, then gather friends, order pizza and have a pizza painting party. Not only will the color lift your spirits but the walls will now be infused with fun and laughter.

      Re: gifts…it depends on how they make you feel when you see/hold them. WHat I tried to do was to create a new memory around the items. If you can wear the gifts, treat yourself to a concert with friends and shift the emotion to item with a new memory. Also, you can put them in a box and put them away for a time. Get yourself to a place where you can think of him without such high emotion. When you get to that point, go back and revisit the items. If you can look at them and feel nothing, keep them if you want..You also may not want to keep them once you have passed the high emotional part of you life. Keeep me posted on how you are doing! Much love, Elif

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