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Initial Press Release

Guest Blogging: Blending Families-Harder than Actual Divorce, : Once Upon a Time.. I choose

Family Guiding: The Giving Tree

Family Guiding: Jump into January

Family Guiding February: Learning to Love myself again

Family Guiding March: The Healing Journey *Featured Article

Family Guiding April: Earthing the Elements with my kids *Featured Article

Family Guiding May: Free to Laugh * Featured Article

Family Guiding June: Sipping Savoring Summer

Family Guiding July: Writing, Connecting to Self

Family Guiding August: Let It Go

Family Guiding October: Strengthening a Girls voice through Choice * Featured article

Family Guiding November: “Sort of” Sisters * Featured article

Family Guiding December: Making Magical Mischief

Family Guiding January: Remembering to Mother Myself

Divorced Singles News : Just Friends??? Alimony Angst: How Should it be Allocated

TV Appearances:

FOX 13 Now Advice for Mom’s Segment 9/5/2013

Park City TV: 4/21/2014 Baklava for Babies Giving Program

Park City TV: August 1 2014 Life Coaching

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5 Ways to Spice up your Weekend

September’s Sassiness

October, Own your Story

October, Challenge Yourself

November: NOW N.eed O.r W.ant

November: Be Thankful

December: Decide your Action

January: It’s time to Jump

February: It’s time to FLY

May: Let it Go!

November: Creating Calm

November: How will you choose to engage life today?

January: Shake off 2014, get sassy and soar into 2015 like a firecracker!

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