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The Fates or Moirae, were weavers of destiny. They were Clotho, the spinner, Lachesis, the measurer, and Atropos, who snipped the thread. They are there from the moment of our birth when the distaff is threaded, throughout the measure of our life, and at the very end, when the thread is cut. I remember as… Read More Kismet

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Be a Voice

Three years ago when I started down this journey to find my voice, I was surprised there was no one to talk to. I wanted to talk about divorce, being a stay at home mom, and how to rebuild my life. I tried to find blogs, forums, anything that would help gain a better perspective… Read More Be a Voice

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It has been an interesting day. Do you remember back in January when I lost in court and had to give back the $5000? To recap: my portion of the the retirement had gained interest before separation of retirement funds. I found out about it when I got the disbursement letter in December 2012. I… Read More Abundance