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Quiet Questions

I dreamed once, long ago, of a love so strong that it permeated my whole being. It radiated up out of the dream and entered my reality when we met. Silhouetted against the sun, I saw him, arms out stretched, welcoming me, filling me with acceptance and peace. It’s been six years since I had… Read More Quiet Questions

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No Regrets

This week would have been my 15 year anniversary. This week, my Ex re-marries. To say that there are a lot of mixed emotions would be an understatement. My head houses so many memories, linked with feelings, that I can revisit in an instant. They make me smile, laugh out loud, wistful, and sad. This… Read More No Regrets

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Measuring up

My back was put against the wall this week about “success” by measuring my efforts vs results. Was I measuring up? Measuring up to what and by who’s standards were the questions that rumbled in my head. I became really indignant and felt that all my efforts were not enough according to standards I didn’t… Read More Measuring up